surrender with us

Dean and I were talking: there's an album hidden in 'Surrender' and 'Come With Us' to equal the first two Chemical Brothers LP. Find it.

Challenge accepted!

This is my tracklist, show me yours:

4:54 [a1] Come With Us
7:18 [a2] Out Of Control
8:35 [b1] It Began In Afrika (Electronic Battle Weapon Version)
4:49 [b2] Hey Boy Hey Girl
4:46 [b3] Galaxy Bounce (Tomb Raider Version)
5:20 [c1] Music: Response
4:16 [c2] Under The Influence
6:23 [c3] Star Guitar
6:32 [d1] Hoops
8:39 [d2] The Sunshine Underground

Most importantly, this allows "The Sunshine Underground" to shine as the epic,"Private Psychedelic Reel"-esque album-ender it truly is rather than stifling it in the middle of an awkwardly sequenced LP. Also: it puts the full version of "Galaxy Bounce" - surely the best track from the 'Come With Us' period - on an album rather than a too short, anti-climactic edit. Win/win.

(Sadly, despite a handful of amazing tracks, there's not a full LP to salvage from the messes that are 'Push The Button' and 'We Are The Night'...or is there?)

(There isn't.)