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Who's That Girl
Who's That Girl 2011

Not to mention a video that's partially Tori Amos' 'Boys for Pele' cover shoot brought to life with a backing track that's essentially a souped-up version of Dragonette's "Gone Too Far", I ask:

When to we stop celebrating such mediocrity?

(Not to add more words to the pile that is the dead digital forest of Gaga clippings, but enough is seriously enough. And did we really need to hear it TWICE in a 90 minute span at the same bar the other night?)


all you need is night

According to the band themselves, today is Duran Duran Appreciation Day. I have no idea what that means but I do know that I will be spending a chunk of the day with the New Fab Five blasting from the speakers.

In honor of this momentous occasion - or something - they have made a proper Night Version of album track 'All You Need Is Now' album track "Other People's Lives" available for download from their website, free of charge. My first thought upon hearing the album back in December was: "Girl Panic!" needs a full-on Night Version; while this isn't exactly it, it's pretty damn close.

Even better, the mp3 comes tagged with "All You Need Is Now - Night Versions" in the album tag. More to come?

(You are almost forgiven for the insanity of the formatting of this album. Almost. "Girl Panic!" and/or "Runway Runaway" might do it.)


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