false alarm

"You chose complete shipping for the delivery of your order by Standard Mail, this now completes your order.
Shipped Items:
1 x 2751065
The Sound Of Arrows - Nova
5.99 GBP per unit
Items Total: 5.99 GBP
Postage and packing: 4.25 GBP
Total: 8.70 GBP"


(And, really, I just wanted an excuse to use that image again. Gorgeous.)


the sound of delays

"Dear James,

Update on your order number: xxxxxxx

Unfortunately there has been a delay in obtaining one or more of the items you have ordered and this is holding up your order.

The item(s) we have not yet been able to obtain are shown below:

The Sound Of Arrows, Nova, 5.99, 1

If you would like us to send you the items that we have in stock,
please send us an email with 'release available items' and your
order number in the subject line and we will cancel the items
that are holding up your order.

Unfortunately, we are not able to split orders and send the available
items now and the rest later. If you still wish to receive the items we
have not been able to obtain, please place a new order for these.

If you would prefer to wait and recieve all of the items you have
ordered together, you do not need to reply to this email. Please
check again in 14 days

Thank you "

Pull it together, boys. I had faith in this actually happening.


we're in the same band

Music-friend Dean alerted us to this recently: Ultrasound have reformed. And not just reformed - fully reformed, all original at-one-point-not-speaking-to-each-other band members and all.

You remember Ultrasound, right? Gave us one overblown, totally beautiful album and then splintered into oblivion? Gave us some of the most OTT pop singles of the late '90's, such as this:

And this:

And their best, for my money, THIS:

Yes, we'll they're back and working on album number 2 - as perfect as it was that they only ever gave us one album, it's even more perfect that we're threatened with a second one 12 years later.

This isn't really new news as apparently they played a bunch of shows last September/October in the UK, but it's just getting to our ears now. Even though we never dared hope for it, somehow our wildest dream has come true.

Welcome back.

(With Suede on the reunion cycle and now Ultrasound, is it too much to hope for a Geneva reunion? Please please please?)