fucking gorgeous

I'm going to need some time alone with this one.


a Siamese Dream dream

This image - apparently the track list, or track list in progress, for the second discs of the forthcoming Smashing Pumpkins 'Gish' and 'Siamese Dream' reissues - leaked yesterday. In easier-to-read terms, it looks like this:

01 Starla (2011 Mix)
02 Siva (Peel Session)
03 Honeyspider (Reel Time Demo / 2011 Mix)
04 Hippy Trippy (Crush Music Box Demo)
05 Snail (Live Radio Performance)
06 Plume (2011 Mix)
07 Bury Me (Reel Time Demo / 2011 Mix)
08 Daydream (Old House Demo)
09 Tristessa (Sub Pop Single / 2011 Mix)
10 Girl Named Sandoz (Peel Session)
11 Jesus Is The Sun (Basement Demo)
12 Blue (Gish Sessions Demo)
13 Smiley (Gish Sessions Demo)
14 I Am One (Reel Time Demo / 2011 Mix)
15 (Something that looks like Suffer / Apartment Demo)
16 La Dolly Vita (2011 Mix)
17 Pulseczar (Gish Sessions Demo)
18 Drown (Alternate Guitar Solo)

Siamese Dream:
01 Pissant (Siamese Sessions Rough Mix)
02 Siamese Dream (Broadway Rehearsals Demo)
03 STP (Rehearsal Demo)
04 Frail and Bedazzled (Soundworks Demo)
05 Luna (Apartment Demo)
06 Quiet (BBC Session / BC Mix)
07 Moleasskiss (Soundworks Demo)
08 Hello Kitty Kat (Soundworks Demo)
09 Today (Broadway Rehearsal Demo)
10 Never Let Me Down Again (BBC Session)
11 Apathy's Last Kiss (Siamese Sessions Rough Mix)
12 Ache (Silverfuck / Rehearsal Demo)
13 U.S.A. (Soundworks Demo)
14 U.S.S.R. (Soundworks Demo)
15 Spaceboy (Acoustic Mix)
16 Rocket (Rehearsal Demo)
17 Disarm (Acoustic Mix)
18 Soma (Instrumental Mix)

If these are in fact real, this is officially Very Exciting. It would have been *SO* easy to just throw a bunch of b-sides and previously bootlegged demos out there and called it done, but a lot of this looks like it hasn't previously escaped out. By my count, there are only three tracks amongst the 36 that have been available in this form before - the two Peel Sessions on the 'Gish' disc and 'Never Let Me Down Again' on 'Siamese Dream' - but that leaves very little room to complain.

I wonder if the first disc will have bonus tracks as well. And we're apparently getting DVDs as well! Huzzah! November is shaping up very, very nicely.

(Sorry, Suede, but your re-issues MIGHT have just been outclassed.)


the cold world tours

Soft Metals are putting together a North American tour for December.

Toronto is one of those dates.

I want to go.

The end.


How about a video?

"The Cold World Melts":