the speed was fast and I was scared

Is it really that time again already? How time flies!

For whatever reason, this year's Christmas in July comp was really hard to compile. I went through three or four different configurations before settling on this one. A couple had gimmicks to em - one was a "ten" mix, one was vinyl only [the latter I'm definately going to do something with, it was fun] - and a couple were just throw everything amazing from late '07/early '08 into a mix blender and see what sticks. Finally, I got it to 18 of my favorite tracks released between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

May I preset:

the speed was fast and I was scared / freemonster's christmas in july 2008

01 / the breeders / overglazed
- from the 2008 album "mountain battles"
02 / the kills / cheap and cheerful
- single from the 2008 album "midnight boom"
03 / the whip / fire
- should be single from the 2008 album of the year forerunner "x-marks destination"
04 / delays / hooray
- single from the 2008 album "everything's the rush"
05 / neon neon / i lust u
- single from the 2008 album "stainless style"
06 / hot chip / out at the pictures
- from the 2008 album "made in the dark"
07 / dragonette / competition
- never released third single from the 2007 album of the year "galore"
08 / hercules & love affair / blind
- single from the 2008 self-titled album
09 / lorraine / when I return to the world
- possible single of the year, album forthcoming in 2008 [thanks Joe :)]
10 / the ting tings / great dj
- single from the 2008 album "we started nothing"
11 / jakobínarína
/ his lyrics are disastrous
- single from the 2007 debut and only album "the first crusade" [RIP]
12 / the music / strength in numbers
- single from 2008 album of the same name
13 / pop levi / never never love
- single from the forthcoming album of the same name
14 / super furry animals / baby ate my eight ball
- from the 2007 [uk]/2008 [us] album "hey venus!"
15 / supergrass / bad blood
- single from the 2008 album "diamond hoo ha"
16 / elbow / bones of you
- make this a single boys, from the 2008 album "the seldom seen kid"
17 / underworld / beautiful burnout
- full length version of the second single from the 2007 album "oblivion with bells"
18 / erykah badu / telephone
- from the 2008 album "new amerykah part one: 4th world war"

I'm very excited to see what the second half of the year brings us given the strength of the first half.


do you wonder?

I was scared you'd get my position
it was really never mine
I thought i was the one that could say such words
I took all this time

I want to sleep so I need some distraction
from the worries on my mind
But when you say it's alright I just wonder what that
next fight will be about

Close your eyes we're going high
We can see the world go by
do you wonder what's beyond the sky?
Oh what a life, oh what a wonder
Don't you worry it will soon be over

I want to get you into my life
but i don't want to be in yours
I ain't just looking for someone whose life is cold and
ties are always free

And Ive been trying hard to change everyone
although I like it as it is
So now I can't take a single step without feeling I'm
letting someone down

Close your eyes we're going high
We can see the world go by
Do you wonder what's beyond the sky?
Oh what a life, oh what a wonder
Don't you worry it will soon be over

Close your eyes we're going high
We can see the world go by
Do you wonder what's beyond the sky?
Oh what a life, oh what a wonder
Don't you worry it will soon be...
Close your eyes we're going high
We can see the world go by
Do you wonder what's beyond the sky?
Oh what a life, oh what a wonder
Don't you worry it will soon be over




This was news to me this morning.

Apparently Andy Yorke - formerly of Freemonster favorite Unbelievable Truth until he quit in 2000 to once again go live in Russia - has decided his love for Russia and love for music can live in harmony and has a solo album coming out in a few weeks. Even better, he's reteamed with Nigel for production duties and Jason for bass duties for the album - entitled "Simple" - so it's essentially an Unbelievable Truth reunion. And from the sounds of first single 'Rise and Fall' - available now digitally both in the UK and US - they're picking up where they left off. It really could be an "Almost Here" outtake.

Yum again. Another welcome return in 2008.

this I cannot wait for

So, the new Whip single 'Blackout' - out July 14th physically and digitally in the UK and digitally in the US the following day - is backed with remixes by Ashley Beedle [yay!], Popular Computer [dunno], Shinichi Osawa [again, not sure], and...

...Graham fuckin' Massey. I LOVE me a good Graham Massey remix.

Yes, even 'Army of Me [Masseymix]'. Yum.


I didn't realize people still did that

Funny story.

On the way home from New York City this weekend, we stopped in Binghamton [small college town in New York near the Pennsylvania border for those interested] for dinner at a Quizno's. Side note - Binghamton might not have much going for it, but it does have a building that shares a Quizno's, a Coldstone and a Starbucks. If I managed that 'Bux, I'd weight a million pounds because I'd have Coldstone each and every damn day. Anyways...

So we're enjoying our lunch in the Quizno's when this comes on the radio:

I had to pause and really let it sink in - no, this wasn't my imagination, Technotronic's 'Get Up' really was on the radio. I was rightfully horrified as one would be - Technotronic in 2008? Really? - however, I was also fascinated. Yes, it's a piece of crap, but it actually sounded pretty good. In such a wrong way, of course, but my repulsion was mixed with a bit of joy. I didn't realize people still played Technotronic in this day and age but at that moment I was kind of glad they did. It almost made me wish I had "Pump Up The Jam - The Album" on my iPod to put on when I got in the car....almost. I'll have to check at my parents house, but I'm pretty sure I sold my copy years ago...it was one of the first CDs I owned, you know.

So yes, let this be a lesson to you - Technotronic is still out there on the radio. Who knew?


give me a fucking break

OK, so for years I've been bitching about Björk and her ridiculous release formats and reissuing the same thing a million times in a million different formats, each one having something slight that the previous incarnation didn't have. And through all of this, the one thing I want, the one thing many of us have been waiting years for - and have had it announced on us more than once only to have it cancelled as the release date draws near - is a comprehensive singles box. And this is the one thing she refuses to give us.

So now the official site is announcing that they are remastering and re-releasing - once again - all of the proper studio albums, plus "Gling-Go" and "Greatest Hits", the soundtrack albums, and even the Sugarcubes albums this time, on vinyl with "the newest technology in vinyl manufacturing" Half Speed Direct Metal Mastering. They're even throwing in the Sugarcubes 7" and CD boxsets for good measure - why the CD box set instead of the 12" box set to keep with the vinyl theme, I have no idea.

You'll notice something missing from this latest reissue campaign - that fucking singles box. Yes, to be fair, this is all stuff that's been available many, many times before so it's not like a lot of work went into compiling it. However, given the hefty
£28.00 price tag per single LP - £31.00 for double LPs - obviously a lot of work went into prepping these bad boys.

There's so many things wrong with this scenario I don't even know where to begin.
Just give me my fucking singles box already so I can check out. Seriously.

turnin' it around

So, the new Sigur Rós album is currently available to stream at last.fm - as long as you have an account, I imagine, and if you don't what are you waiting for? It's the best thing ever.


The album is pretty fuckin' good. It's been a loooong time since I've been excited about Sigur Ros, but this has totally reversed the downward trend they've been on since "( )". It sounds like nothing they've ever done before, yet at the same time it is unmistakably a Sigur Rós album. It's no "Ágætis byrjun", of course, but then again what is? It is, however, an interesting, lovely, and exciting listen and am very very glad to have them back on top of things.

Hooray. :)


thank you, Trudy

"It's like Weekend At Bernie's, except you're alive and you'd rather be dead."

Amen, sister.


the verdict - 'One Day Like This' b-sides

'One Day Like This' showed up in my mailbox today - hooray!

All three b-sides are incredible - double hooray! [Not that they usually aren't, but let's just say the brevity of the two 7" b-sides for 'Grounds For Divorce' was a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong - both 'A Regret' and especially 'Our Little Boat' are great in their own way, but they left me wanting a little more...especially 'A Regret'.]

But I digress.

'Lullaby' is a swinging full band acoustic number with a free form and/or half finished sung/mumbled lyric from Guy that is lovely. 'Every Bit The Little Girl' on the first 7" is Elbow at their most Peter Gabriel and wouldn't have sounded out of place among the "Asleep in the Back"-era b-sides - the highest form of praise I can think to give an Elbow track as that's still my favorite album had I to choose. 'Lil' Pissed Charmin' Tune' is just what it says - very, very charming. An off the cuff - from the opening studio chatter on the track, it seems they didn't even realize they were being recorded - acoustic guitar/romantic Guy vocal number with a wonderful line about growing a kid together. LOVE it. My only issue is that my particular copy of the 7" for that one has a lot of surface noise. Oh well.

Fingers crossed for a third single.

happy birthday Prince

Prince turns 50 today. Yikes.

And since he won't let anything up on Youtube, I leave you with one of the greatest album covers for one of the greatest albums of all time.

Partyup, dude.


no one will come between us

You wait ages for a bus and then two come along...

Anyways, I've never been a big fan of The Music - a bit too pompous even for me, his voice never did much for me, and really I just thought they weren't very good.


I've gathered a bit of interest in their new single 'Strength In Numbers' as one of the 7"s is backed with a remix by The Whip, and you know how much I love me The Whip. However, after the disaster that was the Hadouken! single that I purchased based on a Whip remix, I figured I should investigate.

And I found that 'Strength in Numbers' is quite good. Like, really really good. I'm surprised how much I like it. See if you like it too:

Guess I'll order all three formats now.

while you were out

So it's been a while since I've posted anything. Nothing terribly interesting going on as late is the reason, really.

Joseph turned me on to Lorraine's 'When I Return To The World' single, which is pretty fucking fantastic, so I've been listening to that a lot lately. I gave Action another chance after they didn't totally fuck up my order for the Pop Levi 'Never Never Love' single, and now it's been two weeks since I ordered - among other things - Mark Morriss' "Memory Muscle" and Alphabeat's '10,000 Nights of Thunder' single and they still haven't even shipped it. [I'm thinking the new Notwist single is holding it up as it was quite limited. Fuckers.]

I've spent most of the past week reading the new Sonic Youth biography "Goodbye 20th Century". For a while, I've been thinking "it'd be nice to have an updated Sonic Youth biography as "Confusion Is Next" is going on [gulp] 15 years old at this point. [I remember getting it right when it came out, so that's kinda scary...] And boom, here one is. It's a good read - nothing revelatory, probably nothing you didn't already know if you've been paying attention to them, but entertaining nonetheless. [Actually, I did learn something - I knew Kim spent some of her early years in Rochester, but I didn't realize that Lydia Lunch was born here as well. So there you have it.] It also led me to digging out some of those old Sonic Youth records that I haven't listened to in ages - fuck, "Bad Moon Rising" is an AMAZING record, and I always forget that for some reason. Let's make a list, shall we? My five favorite Sonic Youth albums:

05 - Bad Moon Rising
04 - Confusion is Sex
03 - Sonic Youth EP
02 - Daydream Nation
01 - Goo [which is my favorite album ever]

Truthfully, as much as I do love "Daydream Nation" and am always in awe of it when I listen to it, I very rarely make it through the whole thing, and don't actually pull it out that often. It's a lot to take in all at once.

Yeah, that's what I got. Oh, here's the Lorraine video:

The end.