I didn't realize people still did that

Funny story.

On the way home from New York City this weekend, we stopped in Binghamton [small college town in New York near the Pennsylvania border for those interested] for dinner at a Quizno's. Side note - Binghamton might not have much going for it, but it does have a building that shares a Quizno's, a Coldstone and a Starbucks. If I managed that 'Bux, I'd weight a million pounds because I'd have Coldstone each and every damn day. Anyways...

So we're enjoying our lunch in the Quizno's when this comes on the radio:

I had to pause and really let it sink in - no, this wasn't my imagination, Technotronic's 'Get Up' really was on the radio. I was rightfully horrified as one would be - Technotronic in 2008? Really? - however, I was also fascinated. Yes, it's a piece of crap, but it actually sounded pretty good. In such a wrong way, of course, but my repulsion was mixed with a bit of joy. I didn't realize people still played Technotronic in this day and age but at that moment I was kind of glad they did. It almost made me wish I had "Pump Up The Jam - The Album" on my iPod to put on when I got in the car....almost. I'll have to check at my parents house, but I'm pretty sure I sold my copy years ago...it was one of the first CDs I owned, you know.

So yes, let this be a lesson to you - Technotronic is still out there on the radio. Who knew?


johanna said...

jameslove, i went to binghamton university. i think technotronic is the official music mascot. [also, i LOVE that plaza with the 'bucks, quiznos and coldstone. it wasn't built until after i graduated. ::weeping::]

jcf said...

Seriously - best plaza ever.

And I've had 'Get Up' stuck in my head alllll day now because of posting this. Scarily, it's not entirely unpleasant.

johanna said...

that plaza is also within walking distance of the 'good' movie theater in town. bliss!

Joseph said...

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that the Technotronic singles were really actually very good. I keep meaning to pick up a copy of that CD at some point. I'm sure it would cost me all of 75 cents!

You love the pop. Why are you afraid of Technotronic?

jcf said...

OK, so here's the thing.

"Pump Up The Jam - The Album" was one of the first CDs I ever owned. When I went through my anti-pop phase in high school, I must have gotten rid of it, as I don't have it at the house and I went to check my parents house and it wasn't there either. Shame.

It was more the shock of hearing it than the song itself - I've gotta say, I've had the singles running through my head at various times ever since the encounter and I don't exactly hate it. In fact, I went apeshit over that "Dance Dance" comp that came out this winter [which is another story all together - I mean, I BLASTED 'Tell It To My Heart' way more than I should have in the year 2008] and this totally fits with that.

I dunno...I guess I kind of view Technotronic and their ilk as kind of a lesser caliber pop for some reason. That said, I'm seriously thinking I need to repurchase the album because I just cannot get them out of my head.

[Though 'This Beat Is Technotronic' is pretty fucking awful I'm reminded thanks to You Tube.]

You totally called me out, and I totally deserved it. :)