the verdict - 'One Day Like This' b-sides

'One Day Like This' showed up in my mailbox today - hooray!

All three b-sides are incredible - double hooray! [Not that they usually aren't, but let's just say the brevity of the two 7" b-sides for 'Grounds For Divorce' was a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong - both 'A Regret' and especially 'Our Little Boat' are great in their own way, but they left me wanting a little more...especially 'A Regret'.]

But I digress.

'Lullaby' is a swinging full band acoustic number with a free form and/or half finished sung/mumbled lyric from Guy that is lovely. 'Every Bit The Little Girl' on the first 7" is Elbow at their most Peter Gabriel and wouldn't have sounded out of place among the "Asleep in the Back"-era b-sides - the highest form of praise I can think to give an Elbow track as that's still my favorite album had I to choose. 'Lil' Pissed Charmin' Tune' is just what it says - very, very charming. An off the cuff - from the opening studio chatter on the track, it seems they didn't even realize they were being recorded - acoustic guitar/romantic Guy vocal number with a wonderful line about growing a kid together. LOVE it. My only issue is that my particular copy of the 7" for that one has a lot of surface noise. Oh well.

Fingers crossed for a third single.

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