cry wolf

a-ha never get the credit they deserve.

Fucking brilliant.


the seldom seen band

Elbow's US "tour" in support of "The Seldom Seen Kid" is:

a] five dates long


b] at an incredibly inconvenient time for me.

Once again, there's no Guy Garvey in my future. :(


March madness

No less than five must have singles coming out on Monday...which, shockingly, is already the first Monday in March. Where has time gone?

In no particular order [except the first, because that's the most must have]:

The Kills - Cheap & Cheerful

Their best single yet, on 7" only with exclusive b-side. How indie. Kinda wish they were putting out some remixes of this one, though you can always head over to here to make your own.

The Ting Tings - Great DJ

Took me a bit to come around to this one, but it's pretty gosh-darn great. Comes on CD with a Calvin Harris remix, and [I believe] a one-sided etched 7". Oooh.

Hercules & Love Affair - Blind

I'm not a huge fan of Antony and I'm kinda over the DFA collective, but this is a fantastic slice of disco circa 2008. A formatting nightmare, though - a CD with a b-side and 2 remixes, a colored 7" with the same b-side, and 2 separate 12"s. One has both the remixes from the CD and the album version while the other has a pair of exclusive mixes, one a dub of one of the mixes on the other 12". Ugh.

Alphabeat - Fascination

Truth be told, this song kinda drove me nuts when I first heard it and I couldn't make it through the first verse. But once I gave it a chance and let the chorus sweep in at around 0:45, I was totally sold. A 2-tracker with a Bimbo Jones remix, then a maxi with the same mix plus 2 more, and a 7" with a fourth remix. Someone needs to go to formatting school.

Operator Please - Get What You Want

Not as good as 'Leave It Alone', but a zillion times better than the piece of just 'Just A Song About Ping Pong', so there you have it. I'm very curious to hear the album. [Which, yes, has been out in Australia for quite some time, I just haven't gotten around to getting it yet.]

All of this, and a new Nick Cave album - who, truth be told, I'm not a gigantic fan of, but the single is fucking fatnastic. See?


ticketmaster math

Base price for 2 tickets to see the Breeders on the opening night of the "Mountain Battles" tour in Buffalo - $40

Final price for 2 tickets to see the Breeders on the opening night of the "Mountain Battles" tour in Buffalo - $51

The whole transaction was not $11 "convenient", fuckers.

[Please please please play 'Bragging Party' for me, Kim.]



Watch this space.