March madness

No less than five must have singles coming out on Monday...which, shockingly, is already the first Monday in March. Where has time gone?

In no particular order [except the first, because that's the most must have]:

The Kills - Cheap & Cheerful

Their best single yet, on 7" only with exclusive b-side. How indie. Kinda wish they were putting out some remixes of this one, though you can always head over to here to make your own.

The Ting Tings - Great DJ

Took me a bit to come around to this one, but it's pretty gosh-darn great. Comes on CD with a Calvin Harris remix, and [I believe] a one-sided etched 7". Oooh.

Hercules & Love Affair - Blind

I'm not a huge fan of Antony and I'm kinda over the DFA collective, but this is a fantastic slice of disco circa 2008. A formatting nightmare, though - a CD with a b-side and 2 remixes, a colored 7" with the same b-side, and 2 separate 12"s. One has both the remixes from the CD and the album version while the other has a pair of exclusive mixes, one a dub of one of the mixes on the other 12". Ugh.

Alphabeat - Fascination

Truth be told, this song kinda drove me nuts when I first heard it and I couldn't make it through the first verse. But once I gave it a chance and let the chorus sweep in at around 0:45, I was totally sold. A 2-tracker with a Bimbo Jones remix, then a maxi with the same mix plus 2 more, and a 7" with a fourth remix. Someone needs to go to formatting school.

Operator Please - Get What You Want

Not as good as 'Leave It Alone', but a zillion times better than the piece of just 'Just A Song About Ping Pong', so there you have it. I'm very curious to hear the album. [Which, yes, has been out in Australia for quite some time, I just haven't gotten around to getting it yet.]

All of this, and a new Nick Cave album - who, truth be told, I'm not a gigantic fan of, but the single is fucking fatnastic. See?

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Joseph said...

A) OK, a one-sided etched 7" is so fucking fetishy. Like, the collector person in me gets all excited until the logical person in me says "hey wait, it's one track and it's probably on the album anyway." In these situations, I try to listen to the logical person in me. :)

B) I think I want to marry Mr. Ting Ting (or whomever the guy is in this video).

C) The formatting for the Hercules & Love Affair single makes me want to die (see the logical person in me above).

D) I listened past the 0:45 mark and I still hated Alphabeat.

E) I have never understood Nick Cave's appeal and his latest look is pretty revolting. I suppose you have to give it to somebody who's been around that long though.