i'm not in love with this packaging

This is the packaging for the CD format of the new Pet Shop Boys produced Sam Taylor-Wood sung cover of 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star'.

In case you can't tell, it comes in one of those...half slimline cases, for lack of a better term, that were introduced a few years back to save space on shelves. I myself never cared for them, but they were nice to keep burned discs of files, or if you were making a mix - say- that way you only had to design one piece of artwork instead of two. Or whatever. They have their uses.


As the final product from a record label that someone is going to spend their hard-earned on, that is going to become a piece in a collection - NOT OK. At the very least, there's no spine information so now it looks silly on the shelf.

Overall, it is a very cheap packaging schematic and had I known this was what was going to show up in my mail box, I would've either ordered the 12" or skipped the release altogether on principle.

However, now I'm stuck with it, so maybe I'll rip it and re-sell it. Actually, not a bad idea. Hrm.

Record labels, are you listening? You need to retain the physical format purchasing segment of the music consumer population - a segment that is quickly diminishing.
We want something that looks nice - this does not.

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sini said...

u r absolutely right! in the "old days" I used to by vinyl or cd and reading stuff for hours, now is like toilet paper