new Kasabian stuff

Kasabian's third LP is finally on its way to us, a bit later than expected. That's the album artwork - I'm not too keen on it. The nod to the first LP's masked man is nice, but I find it a bit busy and the choice of red for their logo buries it a bit. Sad - I was a big fan of the art for both previous campaigns.

"Vlad the Impaler" was available for download from the official site a while back but is gone now. [You can find it if you look not too hard.] It wasn't as immediate as previous lead singles, however with some time it has proven to be a grower.

The video for the first "proper" single "Fire" is available to view at their website. I like it, but it is not at all what I was expecting. Not a bad thing, and now I have no idea what to expect from the album. Exciting.

Single on June 1st - no tracklisting yet, but please give us a Jagz Kooner mix - and album in mid-June. Supposedly the US release will be the day following the UK release, but we'll see.

Personally, I can't wait. Hopefully it won't be a disappointment like most of the rest of 2009 has been so far.

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