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As I mentioned earlier, These New Puritans have a campaign-summarizing EP coming out in November entitled 'Hidden Remixes'. They announced the track list today and it looks something like this:

A1. Introduction
A2. We Want War (SBTRKT Remix)
A3. Main Attrakionz 3000
B1. Hologram (Salem Remix)
B2. We Want War (Ghost Hunter Remix)

Suckfest. We already bought the - admittedly excellent - SBTRKT Remix on the 'Hidden' bonus EP, though it will be nice to have a physical release of the also pretty good Ghost Hunter remix. That Salem remix appeared on RCRDLBL a few months back and is a total pile, which leaves that Main Attrakionz 3000 thing the only unknown.

Except it's not, as you can listen to it thanks you the wonders of YouTube. I warn you, it's not for the feint of heart:

Garbage. So much for saving the singles campaign at the end with an excellent catch all release. Thanks for nothing.

On a related note, two mixes of "White Chords" have shown up kind of randomly. There's the Forest Swords Remix on RCRDLBL and FACT has a Mordant Music Remix. Neither are amazing but both are perfectly listenable - and loads better than either of the non-"We Want War" mixes we're getting on the proper release.

Better luck next time.

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You don't have very good taste in music apparently ... get your head out your ass.