missing comma, not missing excitement

Elbow delivered an early Christmas present today by sharing on their Facebook that their fifth album will be titled 'build a rocket boys!' - LOVE the exclamation point! - and will be released in the UK on March 7th. (A bit earlier than I thought it would be, so bonus surprise!) The artwork is over there and the tracklist, thanks to play.com, follows:

01: Lippy Kids
02: The Birds
03: With Love
04: Neat Little Rows
05: Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
06: The Night Will Always Win
07: High Ideals
08: The River
09: Open Arms
10: The Birds (Reprise)
11: Dear Friends

No word on a vinyl release or first single yet, but I'm sure we'll know soon. They mention a surprise to come on Boxing Day - perhaps we'll have a new Elbow track to ring in the new year with?

2011 Q1 is shaping up quite nicely.

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