when I went to the burger stand

Let's briefly talk about how genius Klymaxx's "The Men All Pause" is.

So we start and we're at home, our nails done and hair fierce, feeling sleazy - we've all been there - so we're gonna head down to the local speakeasy. Good use of rhyme but I don't think our story takes place in 1920. Anyways, we turn some heads, probably get a few free beverages and we're on our way to verse two...

...when we walk in to the local burger joint to turn some more heads. Yes, we're cruisin' the In-n-Out or some shit like that. The men all put down their burgers and sodas and stare. Amazing.

But wait, this goes on for a bit, then about five minutes into our seven minute tale, we decide we have better things to do and peace out, leaving our ladies - and, presumably, Jimmy Jam - to finish things up for us.


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