so, Shangela has a video

I've got to be honest: as much as I adore 'RuPaul's Drag Race' - and I have, more than once with complete sincerity, declared it the best show on television - this whole every-drag-queen-is-a-popstar thing is getting a little tiring.


Shangela has just raised the bar. THIS is how you fucking do it, ladies:

It is the longest five minutes you'll ever sit through, true, but it's also a bit like an outtake from Geri Halliwell's masterpiece of insanity 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster'. In drag. (Like, actual drag, not Geri Halliwell-always-looked-like-a-drag-queen-anyways drag.) With a gratuitous Popeye's cameo. Guest starring the insufferable Abby Lee Miller, who is actually perfect for this. On top of that, the video threatens to turn into "Cold Hearted Snake" for a few seconds.

Hot. Mess.


(Thank you, Frank, for opening my eyes to this.)

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I am a professional... not in the hooker sense of the word though...