fun with promo blurbs

The following is taken from the little promo blurb sticker on the back of the 'The Bones Of You' 1-track CD promo - the only physical format of the single "available" :

'Elbow's fourth album is their masterpiece' SUNDAY TELEGRAM

New Single - Physical 29th Sept / Digital Available Now
[correct - but now we know they won. hurrah!]

Elbow contine the most successful year of their career with a new single on 29th September. 'The Bones Of You' follows the massive success [???] of 'One Day Like This' and has been a live highlight through the band's sold out UK tour in April and their highly praised sets at Glastonbury, Delamere Forest and Latitude. The band make their final festival appearance of the summer at Scotland's Connect Festival on 31st August. Elbow's fourth studio album, 'The Seldom Seen Kid', from which the single is taken, has been one of the critical hits of 2008 and nominated for the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize, the second time the band have been nominated during their career. [I thought all four albums got nominated, but apparently I was incorrect.] The band embark on a full UK tour in October, including three shows in London and two in their native Manchester due to an overwhelming demand for tickets.

Then there are tour dates. So what have we learned?

- At one point, there were plans for a physical release of 'The Bones Of You', but apparently actually winning the Mercury Music Prize means "CANCEL ALL FURTHER PROMOTION FOR SAID ALBUM!". Yuck. [PJ Harvey got a third single when "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea" won - beating Elbow's "Asleep in the Back", actually - so why can't the boys?]
- Barely scraping into the Top 40 for a band that generally hits it with no problem is apparently "massive success" - such success that they CANCEL ALL FURTHER PROMOTION FOR THE ALBUM. Grr.
- I'm 100% positive that "Asleep in the Back" was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize as I remember being torn that year as it, the aforementioned PJ Harvey album, and SFA's "Rings Around the World" were all up and I couldn't decide which one I wanted to win. But I swore that at least "Cast of Thousands" was nominated as well.

Hrm. Oh well. Here's a[n old] picture of Guy waving:



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