maybe I should have been more specific with my wish

Three pieces of Elbow:

1 - Old news now, but they [finally!] won the Mercury Music Prize for "The Seldom Seen Kid". Huzzah!

2 - To celebrate, 'The Bones Of You' is getting a single release. Huzz...wait, what's that? It's a UK iTunes only release with merely a live version as the b-side? Boo! This is the one that should've been the single all along, and all we get is a piddly digital release? I want another proper single. :(

3 - To ease those wounds, their recent appearance on Live from Abbey Road has shown up on YouTube. Since there's no US airing in the foreseeable future, check em out:

'The Bones Of You':

'One Day Like This':

'Grounds for Divorce':

The official 'The Bones Of You' video is also out there, but they've disengaged embedding at YouTube. Just do a search and it's the first thing that pops up. It is - of course - wonderful....although, I'll take any excuse to stare at Guy Garvey, so there you have it.

guy garvey

Drool. Have I mentioned how much I fucking love this band?

By the way, it's September now and still no word on the b-sides album. :(

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