album number 2? hooray!

According to various people on the PopJustice boards who caught Dragonette on their [very] mini tour of the US in September:

1 - "Galore" is finally getting a US release in October. Pop on over to amazon.com and they've got a pre-release up for October 24th. There's nothing new or different on it - come on, give us a disc of those "Competition" remixes, I want a nice clean copy of The Whip one! - but considering it is also only list price $12.99, I shall be buying a [second] copy to support em. Huzzah!

2 - Even more exciting, they're working out international label details and hope to have album #2 out in January. I honestly thought we had another of those bands who put out an amazing debut then disappeared due to disinterest [there's a lot of them littering the 2000's], but it looks like that is not the case. Double huzzah!

Their fantastic take on Calvin Harris' 'The Girls', 'The Boys' [put this on as a bonus track or something, it's a-mazing!] :

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