two things

One : This is the new Depeche Mode logo. What do you think?

I must say I quite like it. It reminds me a bit of "A Broken Frame" for some reason - perhaps because the "D" is framing the "M". While that is by no means my favorite Depeche Mode album, this new logo makes me feel happy for no real reason. Album 12 could be a good one...though I'm basing that solely on the logo. [That said, I was also a big fan of the font used during the "Exciter" campaign and we all know how that turned out.] We shall find out in April 2009, apparently, if good logo = good album.

Two : After much deliberation, I've decided that The Saturdays are quite good. A bit sample happy, perhaps, but 'Up' might win the BIG POP SHOWDOWN of October 2008 with themselves, Sugababes, and Girls Aloud all releasing new singles staggered over the course of three consecutive weeks. The video is quite snappy too :

The b-side - fittingly entitled 'Crashing Down' - is also storming :

I like when pop acts put out b-sides. I also like when said b-sides are quality. So yay. I just wish everyone hadn't gone all anti-CD2 all of a sudden, leaving us with no commercial remix release. Poo.

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Dean said...

The throwback '80s feel to the new Depeche Mode logo is good and promising -- I'm a big believer in logos-as-quality-mirrors -- but I don't think I'd ever have guessed it was for them unless you mentioned it. It'd make more sense if the new material was difficult to recognize, too.

As for The Saturdays, they're definitely one of the better Popjustice finds this year.