another way the digital age is getting me down


The new Charlotte Hatherley single "White" finally came out this week in the UK...

...as a digital download only. There's a 7" next week but it only has 1 of the 3 available remixes on it. That doesn't work. [Well I need that, but I also need a way to get the other two.]

Being in the US, I cannot purchase the digital download - and, hence, cannot support Charlotte with my hard earned for her work and have to track down a promo on eBay, from which she will not see a cent.

Fuckers. I thought the internet was supposed to make purchasing music easier, not harder. Shooting yourselves in the foot and all that.

In any case, here's the video:


Joseph said...

You sure can:


jcf said...

I actually just noticed last night it's out via Amazon.com digital next week as well. As much as I take issue with the whole "instant gratification" sometimes I am quite impatient myself! [I got the promo off eBay in the meantime, but I'll still support the release!]

Joseph said...

Glad you got it.

Someone, somewhere really has to figure out a way to do open licewnsing for all territories so that we don't have to sit out while the UK has all the fun. There has GOT to be a way.