yet another casualty of the digital age

A solid year after it first appeared on them thar internets, Annie's fan-fucking-tastic "Songs Remind Me Of You" finally - and rather quietly - got a single release. Yay!

Oh, it's iTunes only? Slightly less exciting, but at least it's out there. And, for once, iTunes US gets it with the rest of the world. OK, we can deal with thi...

...oh, wait. It's only the album version? No b-sides, no remixes, so fucking live tracks from the i-fucking-Tunes festival last year? Thanks for bothering, but nevermind.

I suppose this means we won't be getting that Richard X extended mix I had imagined in my head. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Mark from Australia here how are you? First up, love the blog, I have been going through older posts and have loved what you stand for, better decisions in the msuic industry with releases, especially cd singles...1 track singles are increasing in Australia which is pathetic! I have a facebook page on cd singles if you wnat to check it out...plus I love the physical format, promo discs and vinyls!

also, my birthday is May 6 also! Several years older than you but hey, small world!
Keep up the great work...can you believe that I am still awaiting delivery of the girls aloud box set?!

Anonymous said...

Mark again, I forgot to write that Annie put on her myspace that their will be a physical format for Songs Remind Me Of You which is grand!!