random seven-inch saturday

"I Want To Touch You" is probably my favorite single off of Catherine Wheel's 'Ferment'. Not only is the a-side fantastic but it also featured a slew of incredibly strong b-sides across the formats - two of which would be re-recorded for the following year's 'Chrome' and it had the best of a string of amazing sleeves featuring Alastair Thain's photography. The 7" features an exclusive edit of the single remix on the a-side and the omnipresent "Ursa Major Space Station" on the flip. Even though it lacks the "let's take a rocket ship to Mars" tag, I think this version trumps the more familiar 'Chrome' recording.

I do not understand the appeal of the Manic Street Preachers. That said, I've always found myself strangely drawn to 'Know Your Enemy', their 2001 album generally regarded as their low point. [I generally don't believe in music as a guilty pleasure but had I to pick something, it would be this album.] There's no doubt it's a total mess and at least half of the many styles they try on over the course of its 16 tracks totally blow up in their face, yet I find myself returning to it again and again, completely mesmerized by the whole thing. Its best moment is its lead track, "Found That Soul", also chosen as one of two lead singles - another completely ridiculous and half-assed marketing ploy in a career full of them. The 7" - their first in years, I believe - featured a live recording of previous "return to their roots" single "The Masses Against The Classes", which was also the UK millennium #1 if I remember correctly. Nonsense. A total musical car crash.

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