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James C Freeman

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Your order #xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx (received March 09, 2011)

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1 Suede: +DVD £8.28 1 £8.28

Dispatched via Royal Mail (estimated arrival date: June 21, 2011).
Item Subtotal: £8.28
Delivery and handling: £3.08
Pre-order Guarantee: £0.00

Total: £11.36

First of all, that works out to about $18.75 a set - they could have easily charged double that and we still would have lined up.

Second of all, I'm already watching the mailbox.

Third of all, I realize the font in the logo isn't the proper Suede font for the first four albums but I couldn't find it. So I cheated and went with the "Attitude" and 'Singles' font - which, in a way, conceptually brings together Suede old and new. Or something like that.

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