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Somehow, there's a new Fountains of Wayne album on the way.

I must admit, after the embarrassment of 'Traffic and Weather' I was initially not terribly excited. However, they appear to have learned from their mistakes and the material that they're previewing the album with shows our power pop heroes back on track.

That's the fantastic album art over there, and you can pre-order the album direct from the label in the now standard myriad of value-added packages. (I went with the LP/poster/t-shirt bundle, of course. If I'm not mistaken, this makes only the second Fountains album available on vinyl.) All pre-orders come with two preview tracks - opener "The Summer Place" and current "single" "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" - as well as a (for now) exclusive bonus track, a cover of The Moody Blues' "The Story In Your Eyes". Both of the album tracks are great - a callback to the more folky/laid-back moments from 'Utopia Parkway' or 'Welcome Interstate Managers'. Obviously a full-on return to the insanely hooky power pop of the debut would be preferred, but I'll take what I can get. (I must have known I'd stumble across this - I listened to the self-titled album today for the first time in years. It has aged very, very well.)

If you don't want a physical copy - you're apparently out there, even if I don't understand it - you can head over to iTunes for two "singles" - "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" and "Richie and Ruben", the latter being the best of the bunch so far. Both comes with exclusive artwork if that's your thing - both of which would look excellent as 7" single sleeves, but I'm not holding my breath.

I am suddenly very excited for the back half of 2011.

[UPDATE: The official site states a 7" for "Richie And Ruben" backed with "The Story In Your Eyes" will be out on July 18th. That was unexpected.]

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