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The Whip have finally come forward with information on their long-in-the-works second LP - which, if you were keeping track, we should have already. Anyways, 'Wired Together' - fantastic name - will be with us on September 19th. Over there, you can see the fabulous artwork - part peacock, part tribal mask, part wave form, right?

As part of the deal, you can pre-order the album on CD or digital from the band and get immediate access to five tracks, which are also available for streaming from Southern Fried's Soundcloud. If we've learned anything over the years, it's a bit dangerous to commit to a format before you know all your available options and there is plenty of time between now and September 19th for all kinds of crazy special editions to be announced. While I certainly want to support the band, I refuse to buy this album a million times like I did the first - and, more recently, the Mirrors album - so we're going to hold off on that pre-order option until we have more information.

Have a listen, will you?

The Whip: Wired Together (Sampler) by Southern Fried Records

Hm. First, it's kind of weird that rumored first single "Keep Or Delete" isn't included, but whatever. Also, I'm a bit disappointed that I don't love it more. Granted, my expectations are a bit impossibly high - and the delay hasn't really helped things any - but I did expect a bit of love-at-first-listen rather than the cautiously-optimistic-like that I'm feeling. As Joe puts it: "They feel so polished.", and I couldn't agree more. Especially considering the Jagz Kooner production and the gritty-as-hell demo version of "Secret Weapon" we got last Fall, everything sounds a bit slick. However, there's plenty to enjoy and we shall wait to reserve judgment until we have more time with it...and the rest of the album, obviously.

Happy Monday.

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