Last week, Joe and Dingo introduced me to Big Black Delta - conveniently just in time to travel to LA to visit Dingo and happen to catch their show at the Satellite as part of an every-Monday-night-in-September residency. (The show was amazeballs, by the way, and I totally wish I was there tonight for the final, erm, night.) So now I pass the favor along and possibly introduce you to Big Black Delta.

This is the most recent single/video/whatever you call it in this day and age, "Capsize":

Said track is taken from the just released - as in, today - debut album proper, appropriately entitled 'BBDLP1'. You can order it from the site on any number of formats - including a lovely slab of vinyl in your choice of mauve or speckled blue - and, as should be standard these days, any physical format comes with an immediate digital download, again in any format you could possibly want. (I went FLAC to get the best of all worlds.)

If you act now - for this week only!, etc., etc. - you can download the album in mp3 for free from the site and give it a test drive. Or you could take my word for it and buy the ultimate fan package. Your choice.

Dingo and Joe, I am once again in your musical debt.

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