it's so salty, Jesus!

Sometimes, after a long day that seemingly would. not. end., all you need is Kim Deal screaming at you about giving Jesus head:


The thing about 'Pod' is that it's SUCH a - pardon the term - vagina album. It's so girly and all pink and purply and there are images of fucking clippings of the band member's hair on the inner sleeve. At the same time, there are songs about giving Jesus a blow job and walking abortions and enjoying incestual molestation and the best fucking Beatles cover ever - and that's just on the first side of the record - giving it bigger balls than most male-dominated indie albums of the time. It may be my least favorite Breeders album - solely due to the presence of "Oh!", which is jut not up to par - but it's still a swift kick in the gut and incredibly unique for it's relatively standard guitar/bass/drum structure.

Speaking of, isn't it about time for a new Breeders album/EP/single/tour/SOMETHING? Please?

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