boo etc.

The UK singles for "Love etc." come packaged in card sleeves.


On top of that, there's still no news of a vinyl format for the single.

:( :(

There are rumors of an LP pressing of 'Yes' coming in July...perhaps concurrent with the second single release, a la the vinyl release of 'Fundamentalism Vol 2' / the "Minimal" single release? Hrm...

[The single is also available on US iTunes today.]

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Daft Monk said...

So packaging savvy PSB have been reduced to card sleeves? That's a bit depressing. "Love Etc" has me a bit nostalgic for the days when I bought CD singles as I actually do pull them out from time to time to revisit them. It's the same when there is nothing physical to touch. Such is the price of this amazing digital age we live in. I love the instant access but I fear the long term impact.