I'm so excited [and I just can't hide it]

I love nice surprises...and after a pretty crappy winter, I could use a few.

This one tops the list though. You'll probably remember me gushing about how amazing Lorraine - and specifically their single "When I Return To The World" - are/were/will always be/whatever. [Joe, I will always be in your debt for this one.] So then they up and disappeared, right? Or so you thought...

Apparently they reappeared last fall as Black Room with the never released Lorraine album 'Pop Noir' ready to go. It is out in Japan - because, you know, all the best pop is HUGE in Japan even when no one else loves them, see also Gloss - and on iTunes in other parts of the world. Including the US.

It's basically the "Heaven", "I Feel It", "Saved" and "When I Return To The World" singles with five or six new songs - "I Feel It" appears to have been re-recorded - but whatever. It's fucking ace and you should go buy it right now. There's also a Japanese only 7" - how elite - with "Confetti" as the b-side [that marks the third time it has been used as a b-side for those keeping track]. And "Italian Girlfriend" is apparently a Japan-only b-side, but you've already got it on the "I Feel It" single, right? It's on iTunes as well, so no worries.

Anyways. Go to their myspace for previews since there's pretty much nothing on Youtube. Potential album of the year material here.

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