something awful

So, this is apparently the new Tori Amos album cover then.

Terrible. Horrible picture [she is WAY too made up], wretched font. The tracklist is out there, but all you need to know is it is made up of 17 songs and probably twice as long as it needs to be.

'American Doll Posse' was a step in the right direction after the mis-steps of, oh, everything else she's release this decade. Hopefully this continues in that direction, but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Something better - the Pet Shop Boys have put up a 10-minute megamix preview of 'Yes' on their site and it's fab. Also, the new SFA single out there and it is also wonderful if not quite as impactful as previous lead singles have been. I realized the other day that both of those albums come out on the same day - in the UK and the wide world of the internets respectively, that is. In the US, they both join 'Sounds of the Universe' on April 21. It's a super synthpop Tuesday!

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