fun with physical formats: Annie's "Anthonio"

So after Annie's 'Don't Stop' failed to even materialize - let alone take off - last year, you might have wondered what would happen next. Well, as you probably know she hooked up with the always amazing Richard X to launch his new Pleasure Masters label with her new single "Anthonio". It was initially announced to be a 12"/download type deal - however, on Monday it was announced through the Pleasure Masters Myspace [and probably other places, but that's where I read about it] that there was also going to be a super duper limited handmade CD format of the single. 100 copies to be exact - or 99, as according to their blog they ran over 1 copy with their chair. That's a picture in the corner - A-mazing. Apparently all copies are gone now, but I put an order in and was charged so hopefully that means it is on the way to my house as I type, because I kind of need it. [Especially after the whole Breeders "Fate to Fatal"/Record Store Day disaster, but that's another story.]

The song itself is sung from Annie to Anthonio, and the promo for this one has been ridiculous. Handwritten letters from one to the other sent out, even a rebuttal single from Anthonio himself called Annie showed up at one point.

In all honesty, I'm not even really a huge fan of Annie - more of her work with Richard X whom I absolutely adore - but such a cool physical product in a day and age where it is usually an afterthought totally hits me in all the right places. Huzzah!

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