how to contribute to the death of the physical single

The new Little Boots single "New In Town" is quite good. It is her first "proper" single, if you will, and is being released on a number of formats.

There are two vinyl formats - a 7" and a 12" - both with a remix or four, as well as a digital release with a different set of remixes. Finally, there is a CD format which contains the a-side and...well, that's it. A 1-track CD with the album version of the single. It's not like there's not material as clearly many remixes were commissioned for the release. It's not like the a-side itself is so long that by putting an additional track on the CD you'd make it ineligible for the charts by going over the time restraint for CD singles. I can't possibly fathom a reason why, with the physical single on its last legs to begin with, you'd put out a CD single with nothing on it to entice people to buy it. The artwork isn't even that good.

For such carelessness, I am boycotting all formats of the single. Which is a shame, because I'd love to support both her and the physical singles market. But I can't on principle.


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Joseph said...

Seriously, this one-track single business is retarded and counter-intuitive.