formatting fail

Back in January, the Discodust blog posted a remix of Alphabeat's forthcoming single "Hole In My Heart" by the excellent Sound of Arrows, officially getting my excited for the single - despite it being the wrong choice. [Hello "The Beat Is" or "DJ".] I couldn't wait for the official release to hold a copy in my hands.

Well. Fast forward a bit and here we are, a week before release. A quick gander at the formats tell me that not only have they left off the Sound of Arrows remix in favor of dull club mixes by Wideboys [really?] and Chew Fu [who?], but also that they've put the radio edits of said mixes on the CD single. For no reason, really - they'd comfortably both fit and still be under running time for chart rules. On top of that, it lists at an astonishingly high £3.99.

In discussion with my friend Dean about the situation, he had this to say:
"The music industry seems to want to destroy their own CD sales to prove how much illegal downloads are hurting them."
Time and time again, it seems. Remember the Little Boots CD single fiasco? The only comfort I take is that the digital release is getting the same middle finger stuck up at them. Thanks for nothing.

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