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The Breeders tore shit up last night in Buffalo.

It was their first show since finishing "Mountain Battles", so we were guinnea pigs [their words] for the new material. I've read a lot of pretty negative stuff around the leak of the album on the internet - I haven't heard it myself - but from the new stuff they did last night, I've gotta say I don't understand.

'Overglazed' came first, and it was a great straightforward Breeders rock song. They ended the night with 'German Studies' [another fractured rocker a bit like 'Too Alive'] and 'Regalame Esta Noche', both of which were great fun. Using context clues, I believe we also got to hear 'Bang On' [now streaming at the 4AD website], 'Night Of Joy' [the only one that didn't really do much for me], 'Here No More' [a very cute duet between Kim and Kelley that ended the main set], 'We're Gonna Rise' [still as gorgeous as I remember it - I can't wait to get a physical copy], and maybe one or two more. As far as the rest, it was a lot of the same songs from the "Title TK" tour - 'Cannonball', 'Divine Hammer', 'Saints', 'No Aloha', 'Fortunately Gone', 'Tipp CIty', 'Pacer'. Only one track from "Title TK" itself came out to play - the mighty 'Huffer' - plus a few that they didn't do when I saw em six years ago. 'Iris'! 'Happiness is a Warm Gun'! Motherfuckin 'Shocker In Gloomtown'!!!! [This was the second song in, and it made me happier than I ever thought possible.]

If I have a complaint, it's that the show was quite short. The main set was about an hour with a three song encore. Especially considering Kim herself commented that "we'd come out in anything" [there was pretty heavy snowfall all night going to the show], it would've been nice for a few more songs. However, what we did get was all gold.

I love this band. I cannot wait for "Mountain Battles".

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