sonic test

Apparently the stars are in the right alignment or something like that, as Sonic Youth have decided to [re]issue possibly their two most fandom-patience testing releases back to back to kick off 2008.

First up - and available right now for your purchasing pleasure at sonicyouth.com - is 1987's "Master=Dik" EP. 'Master=Dik' itself being important, of course, as a sort of dry run for the excellent "White[y] Album" a year later. The rest of the EP, made up of pretty much drone, is probably not anyone's favorite Sonic Youth moment.

Coming in April, we've got the official release of 'J'Accuse Ted Hughes', the 20+ minute drone piece they did at All Tomorrow's Parties that pissed everyone off. Coming out on vinyl only as SYR7 [people still buy these things?], it's backed with some other nonsense drone piece. I'll take a pass.

"Master=Dik", of course, is already on the way to my house. What can I say - I'm a glutton for 80's SY punishment...but keep your early-2000's, "NYC ghosts + flowers" shit away from me.


Joseph said...

HAHA - I think I'll hafta pass on those. :)

jcf said...

Probably a good idea.