"And it's you. And it's May. And we're sleeping through the day.
And I'm five years ago and three thousand miles away.
And I can't move my arm for fear that you will wake.
And I'm five years ago and three thousand miles away."

Oh, Guy.


Joseph said...

Don't even get me started. My current favorite lyrics are from Mirrorball:

"we kissed like we invented it
and now I know what every step is for
to lead me to your door"


"we made the moon our mirrorball
the streets an empty stage
the city sirens violins"

And that's just from one song. Seriously makes me swoon.

jcf said...

I've gotta say, this album is lyrically gorgeous. And is it just me, or his is voice stronger and better than ever?

Another one of my favorites, though not on the album is:

"Pissed, I just insist that no one cares
that love has only thrown me down the stairs.
Then I hear your voice, full of love and understanding.
And I know your voice will always call me home."