format whores

Hot Chip are such format whores.

I fucking LOVE IT.

[For those keeping track at home, that's one maxi-CD, two separate colored 7"s each with at least one exclusive track, and a double 12" with two exclusive mixes, and a nice collectors box to keep the 7" and CD formats in. Not shown are the countless digital bundles that mostly collect all of the tracks from the physical formats - a whopping eight - plus a digital only extended version of the a-side. Not sure why they couldn't put that on the double 12" instead of the album version, but oh well.]

It's like it's the early-'90s all over again.


Joseph said...

INSANITY. Of course, it almost makes me wish I liked them so I could take part in the fun. ;)

jcf said...

I'm gonna be totally honest - I don't think I like them as much as the money I'm sinking into these singles. I mean, the album is great and there's usually some good stuff tucked away on the b-side, but I'm more drawn in by the formatting of the singles than the singles themselves.

Sad I know, but what can you do?