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June 2 sees the release of the new Elbow single 'One Day Like This'. According to the excellent Townsend Records, the formats look like this:

01 One Day Like This
02 Lullaby

7" #1
a One Day Like This
b Li'l Pissed Charmin' Tune

7" #2
a One Day Like This
b Every Bit The Little Girl

I kinda wish they'd give us alternate versions of the a-side on at least one of the formats, but I love love love both of the titles for the 7" b-sides. I can't wait.

And if you head over to the aforementioned Townsend, you can pre-order the multiformat bundle and save some shipping. [The whole thing comes to just over 7 pounds including shipping to the US.] I got "Grounds For Divorce" that way and had it by the Wednesday after it came out - so 2 days later. Huzzah.

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Joseph said...

Can't wait! I'm with you; I wish there was an alternate version of the a-side. We already know there's a video edit of the track. It's a minor complaint though. Also, these preorder bundles make import singles more affordable then they ever were, which is a very good thing indeed.