who's that girl?

There has been a ton of hype around the new Robyn record for quite some time now - how it's amazing that she broke free from her oppressive record contract and self-financed her new record, how it came out her way and how it's this amazing pop record that everyone needs to hear. Which then translated into pretty respectable sales around the world, including a UK #1 single for 'With Every Heartbeat' and a Snoop Dogg remix.

Well, I finally got my lazy ass around to picking it up last night thanks to a bunch of Best Buy rewards gift certificates, and I gotta say I just don't hear out. Outside of 'Who's That Girl' which is fucking hott [though I suppose that has more to do with The Knife having written and produced it more than Robyn herself, but she's still involved so I'll give her credit] and 'With Every Heartbeat' [while pretty, I really don't understand how it was a UK #1], the rest is just really unimpressive. Bad girl posing over weak beats, an incredibly stupid and pointless introduction track, and it's far too long. Pop albums should be 8-12 songs [at most!], 35-45 minutes, in and out, say what you gotta say and get out. At 16 songs [well, 15 and a remix] and almost an hour, it way overstays its welcome. And it buries its only two great tracks in the middle. Poor planning.

Oh well, it was only $3 out of pocket. 'Who's That Girl' was worth that much. See?


Joseph said...

I think "With Every Heartbeat" is really wonderful and I quite like "Who's That Girl" but I remember feeling the same way when I heard the record early last year. It's way, way too long and I didn't get the fuss. Of course, I haven't heard the thing in its entirety since then so maybe I need to buy it and see if it clicks this time.

Joseph said...

So I finally got around to buying this a couple of weeks ago. I have to say I like it a lot more than I did when I originally heard it. You're right, it's way too long and could be cut by a few songs.

Also, I'd get rid of the intro track and the interlude in the middle of the record.

I think the sequencing is off too. The record is front-loaded with the fun (good) songs and the last half is really boring ballads. I don't really listen past Crash and Burn Girl or maybe Robotboy.

All of that said, I really love Conichiwa Bitches, Cobrastyle, Handle Me, Bum Like You, Be Mine!, With Every Heartbeat, and Who's That Girl, so that's half the album. not bad. Let it soak in. :)