I was hoping they'd do this

There have been a ton of fantastic remixes to come out of the Whip's "X Marks Destination" singles so far. Being the fan of remix and repackage that I am, more than once I thought "wouldn't it be nice if they put together a remix album?"

Apparently they read my mind because such a thing hit iTunes today. While the tracklisting leaves a little to be desired - and no vinyl release makes me very sad - it's another fantastic way to enjoy possibly my favorite album of 2008.

01 Frustration [Van She Remix]
02 Trash [Crookers Remix]
03 Muzzle No. 1 [Bloody Beetroots Remix]
04 Frustration [Hadouken! Remix]
05 Trash [South Central Remix]
06 Blackout [Ashley Beedle's Next Generation Edit]
07 Frustration [Black Affair Instrumental]
08 Muzzle No. 1 [The Black Ghosts Remix]
09 Sister Siam [Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix]
10 Frustration [Hearts Revolution Remix]

4 remixes of 'Frustration' out of 10 tracks seems a bit much - especially since one of them was just released on the 'Blackout' pacakge. Personally, I was hoping more for the "Telegram" route where each album track was represented but what can you do? A bit of a missed opportunity, but I'm glad to see it. [Though it seems to imply that there won't be any more singles from the album, since this is essentially a single for 'Frustration'. Oh well. No 'Fire' remixes after all. :( ]

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