i've been waiting for you to belong to me

So apparently there's a new Emiliana Torrini single and album coming out next month. They're both called 'Me and Armini' and the the single sounds something like this:

Someone's decided to use a sound that's been working lately, haven't they?

In actuality, it's nowhere near as dull as the awful "Fisherman's Woman" but not quite as good as the charming "Love in the Time of Science". So I guess the moral is I don't really care anymore. Oh well.

[How has absolutely everything that GusGus has splintered off into turned into complete shit? Outside of the stunning Daníel album, of course. The Blake/DDD/whatever Mangnus is calling himself these days tracks are quite fun too I suppose. OK, so not everything is shit, but the stuff that is is shit enough to make up for the good stuff. Right?]

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