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Charlottehatherley.com has this wonderful news to report:
Charlotte Hatherley’s new record CINNABAR CITY is the second solo album to be released on her pet label Little Sister Records. Never one for aligning herself to some spurious musical trend, Charlotte makes a virtue of having a true independent spirit that allows such an adventurous and eccentric approach to song writing to flourish in an increasingly unadventurous and compromised world full of safe landfill indie, bandwagon followers and weak-kneed solo artists. Cinnabar flits between prog-pop, pop-punk and electro-junk whilst still standing as an original, highly melodic and cohesive body of work, one that truly delivers the goods in these credit-crunched times. Recorded in a focused and frenzied week in South London with Luke Smith (ex-Clor) conducting, the tracks were thrown down live, Charlotte taking care of all guitar heroics, TV Gary on bass and Rob Ellis on drums. With a light dusting of Rundgren and Roxy keyboards sprinkled on top of the thick guitar filling and added sparkle provided by Alan Moulder (Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins)the album now stands as a tasty slab of visceral thrills ready to be unleashed to the world in 2009.

Hooray! The 2009 list starts growing...

'Kim Wilde' - one of my Top 10 singles of the '00's - from 2005's "Grey Will Fade":

'Behave' from 2007's "The Deep Blue":

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