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Whale are/were one of the greatest underrated bands in the whole wide world, and "All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones" is one of my favorite albums ever. Full fucking stop. I say that a lot, I realize, but if I had to pick my 10 favorite albums, this would be one of them. Perhaps even top 5.

To this day, I still cannot track down a copy on vinyl. It has to exist - Hut put everything out on vinyl back in the day. I've the 12"s for all three singles - and they're three of my most loved 12"s - but I cannot put my hands on the album itself. Of all the music related things in this world I covet, this is also possibly in the top 5. Scratch that - it's number one. There's not a day that goes by that not having it doesn't haunt me. :(

An AMAZING live version of 'Four Big Speakers':

[How is the proper video not up on You Tube? Poor Whale never get the respect they deserve.]

Umm..that's all the related video I can find. It's a crime, I tell ya.

Just in case we're not clear: I. Love. Whale.

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