who knew?

OK, so earlier this year Oasis did something shocking. Release an amazing album? Not quite. They did something I thought they'd never do - something they've probably said they'd never do, actually, I'm sure someone could dig that quote up somewhere. Anyways, they released a remix for a single b-side. Not only that, but the only b-side to their comeback single 'The Shock of the Lightning' was a Chemical Brothers remix of album track 'Falling Down'. Gasps were heard throughout the Oasis community.

Come single #2 - 'I'm Outta Time', released last week - not only are there more remixes for b-sides, but there were 2 separate 7"s released as well. [I'm sure someone could dig up a quote about no CD1/CD2 ever somehwere too, and with the death of the CD2 format this is essentially the same thing.] Anyways, this time there was a trio of remixes - one of the title track by Twiggy Ramirez [which is shit, as the a-side is kind of shit], the Jagz Kooner 'Shock of the Lightning' [which is AMAZING as Jagz Kooner generally has that effect on things] and - best of all - a Neon Neon remix of album track 'To Be Where There's Life' which, I must say, is hands down the best thing Oasis have put their name on since, oh, 'Step Out' on the b-side to 'Don't Look Back In Anger'...which was 13 years ago. I hate that turn of phrase, but it's true - everything between then and now [except 'One Way Road', I suppose, as it's pretty fantastic] could not exist and it wouldn't matter.

Who knew that what Oasis really needed was a dance makeover? Because seriously, this shit works. Bring on the full length Oasis remix record and it could be the best thing they've ever done.

Sadly, I can't find clips of any of that on the internets, and the original versions would just ruin it. So head on over to iTunes US where you can buy them for 99 cents each. Trust me, it is well worth it.

Update: I did find the Jagz Kooner mix on YouTube. Enjoy:

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