I'm so obsessed with this record it's starting to scare even me

Lots more "Yes"-related stuff lately, let's see...

Most importantly, they've put up 30 second samples of each track at iTunes UK. You don't need to be in the UK to listen to em, just go to the iTunes shop home page and then switch countries at the bottom of the screen. You can't buy it, but you can listen. And it sounds yummy.

Two. You can download their remix of Lady Gaga's 'Eh Eh [Nothing I Can Say]' thanks to Aol.co.uk. Honestly, I've grabbed it but haven't bothered listening to it yet, so let me know how it is.

Three. The Boys performed a massive 9 1/2 minute medley of the hits last night at the Brits - including parts of 'Love etc' and now-all-but-confirmed-second-single 'All over the world'. With MASSIVE Nutcracker Suite sample. Fantastic. My favorite part is about a third of the way in where they put the vocals from 'Go West' over the backing track of 'Paninaro'. Amazing. It's all over youtube, or right here:

The Brandon Flowers and Lady Gaga cameos were a bit pointless, but it's still fantastic. I was kind of hoping an audio of it might end up on a future b-side, but apparently it's the bonus track for pre-ordering the album from iTunes UK. So phooey.

Four. Umm..there was something else. Oh yes. You can pre order the album officially now at Amazon.co.uk and Recordstore.co.uk - the latter also has a bundle deal for the 2 'Love etc' CDs for 3.50. A steal. Still no vinyl formats listed anywhere for the album OR single. Double phooey. Please don't disappoint me on this one.

Five. They've announced two shows in London this summer, but that's it so far. US tour, yes? [I suppose we should nail down a US release first...] I'm expecting to travel to see them, but London might be a bit far.

Six. I'm listening to each album and its Further Listening disc in chronological order ahead of the actual album, hopeing it might help me forget we still have over a month to wait. Which means two things: one, I need to compile my own Further Listening discs for "Nightlife", "Release" and "Funtamental"; and two, I can decide once and for all if "Release" is the least best Pet Shop Boys album. [Hint: it is.] At the very least, I can finally decide of "Actually" or "Behaviour" is the most best. [Hint: it's "Actually".] Done and done.

I always forget how good "Please" is - especially the second half.

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