like you didn't see this coming

Surprise, surprise - Ms. Repackage and Resell herself has a new box set coming out. From Björk.com:


We are announcing Voltaic, the celebration of Volta and the Volta live show. The release will consist of various live recordings from Paris and Reykjavik. The live set was also recorded in a studio in London, which will undoubtedly give us some rare glimpse into the development of the live set.

The release will be availble as Standard, Deluxe and Deluxe Vinyl.

Björk did document the tour extensively and now we will be able to enjoy this work in a new light and new sound.

DISC ONE (AUDIO) Songs From The Volta Tour Performed Live At Olympic Studios
DISC TWO (DVD) The Volta Tour Live In Paris, Live in Reykjavik
DISC THREE (DVD) The Volta Videos and the video competition
DISC FOUR (CD) The Volta Mixes.

We will have more on this release very soon as we are building our special.
A pre order link is on its way! And here is Pre Order

Release date is yet to be confirmed. we predict March! :).


Action Records lists the release date as March 3 on their pre-order list, but who knows - it could be anything with her.

I'm actually quite excited for this - I never bought any of those fucking singles box sets as they were way too pricey and super excessive, even for her. Now, here they all are in one nice little package - with stuff not available in the original pressings - for the price of one of them. Come on...you knew it was going to happen!

The live DVD is exciting too - I skipped out on this tour so it'll be nice to have a document of it. As disappointing as "Volta" was, it had her strongest string of singles in ages - outside of the weak 'Declare Independence', of course - and had some great mixes backing them up. It's on the "to buy" list.


Gashapon said...

I actually saw her 3 times during the Volta tour...once at Coachella & twice in NYC. It was a wonderful set (the brass ensemble was an amazing touch) & I look forward to hearing it again. Please please please have her include the Hyperballad/Freak mashup. It was the highlight of the set list for me -- as well as her performance of "Desired Constellation". Swoooooon!

jcf said...

This is the tracklisting according to eil.com:

Disc 1 (CD)
Songs From The Volta Tour [Performed Live At Olympic Studios]
1. Wanderlust
2. Hunter
3. The Pleasure Is All Mine
4. Innocence
5. Army Of Me
6. I Miss You
7. Earth Intruders
8. All Is Full Of Love
9. Pagan Poetry
10. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
11. Declare Independence

Disc 2 (DVD) - The Volta Tour:
Live In Paris:
1. Brenniõ Piõ Vitar
2. Earth Intruders
3. Hunter
4. Immature
5. Jóga
6. The Pleasure Is All Mine
7. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
8. Where Is The Line
9. Who Is It
10. Desired Constellation
11. Army Of Me
12. Triumph Of A Heart
13. Bachelorette
14. Wanderlust
15. Hyperballad
16. Pluto
17. Declare Independence

Live In Reykjavik:
18. Pneumonia
19. Cover Me
20. My Juvenile
21. Immature
22. The Dull Flame Of Desire
23. Vökuró
24. Sonnets / Unrealities xi
25. Mouth's Cradle

Disc 3 (DVD) - The Volta Videos:
1. Earth Intruders
2. Declare Independence
3. Innocence
4. Wanderlust
6. The Dull Flame Of Desire
7. Declare Independence - The Making Of
8. Wanderlust - The Making Of

The Competition: Top Ten Runners
Up [In Alphabetical Order]
* Davood Saghiri
* Dimitri Stankowicz
* Etienne Strube
* Julien Himmer
* Laurent Labouille
* Mario Caporali
* Mik o_o Armellino
* Renato Klieger And Terracotta
* Roland Matusek

Disc 4 (CD) - The Volta Mixes:
1. Earth Intruders – Xxxchange Remix
2. Innocence – Simian Mobile Disco Remix
3. Declare Independence – Matthew Herbert Remix
4. Wanderlust – Ratata Remix
5. The Dull Flame Of Desire – Modeselektor Remix For Girls
6. Earth Intruders – Lexx Remix
7. Innocence – Graeme Sinden Remix
8. Declare Independence – Ghostigital Remix
9. The Dull Flame Of Desire – Modeselektor Remix For Boys
10. Innocence – Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel
11. Declare Independence – Black Pus Remix
12. Innocence – Siman Mobile Disco Dub Remix

'Hyperballad' does appear, so I'd imagine it is the 'Freak' mash-up version - which I've never heard so that's very exciting. It doesn't specifically say that, but it also doesn't mention the 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'' bridge in 'I Go Humble' on the "LiveBox", so fingers crossed.

And the remix disc is, of course, incomplete. *sigh*