just not sure

So the new Saturdays single is going to be a cover of Depeche Mode's 'Just Can't Get Enough' - a song which, let's be honest, is the perfect candidate for a hi-NRG girl group make over. It's not exactly the most subtle thing in the Depeche Mode back catalogue, now is it?

Anyways, the video is out there now and it looks and sound something like this:

Hrm. I guess in theory that's the perfect cover version, but I just can't make up my mind about it. I don't think it'll be getting much play from me, but it could be a very very good thing for the girls. We'll see.

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Dean said...

Almost exactly what I heard in my head when it was first announced, for better or worse.

I do like the harmonies in the title line.

Science: this the first song that has made a new puppy of mine pay attention.

What this means will be a mystery.