We're only getting started and - unsurprisingly - the new Depeche Mode album is already a formatting nightmare. [Is anyone else more ridiculous with their formats? I mean really...]

But hark, what's this? They announced formats for the 'Wrong' single, and there's only three of them! And on top of that, their configured in a way that makes some sort of logical sense:

7" - BONG 40
A. Wrong
B. Oh Well

1. Wrong
2. Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Remix)

CD2 - Maxi - LCDBONG 40
1. Wrong
2. Wrong - Trentemøller Club Remix
3. Wrong - Thin White Duke Remix
4. Wrong - Magda's Scallop Funk Mix
5. Wrong - D.I.M. vs Boys Noise Remix

I fully expect two or three 12"s with extentions, dubs and repeat mixes to be announced in the next week or so - don't quote me on this one, but I'm pretty sure every Depeche Mode single since 'Just Can't Get Enough' has had a 12" release - but as of right now I'm perfectly content pretending that they're not being ridiculous this time around.

Please don't let the 7" be a picture disc like the last album.

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