Mirrors have finally announced details of their debut album...sort of. You can piece together all the information from various places.

Anyways, it's called 'Lights And Offerings' - which was kind of an open secret, the band had never really confirmed it yet there were samplers with the title and tiny versions of the artwork on various promo mix CDrs that were out and about - and Recordstore is reporting it is 10 tracks long. 10 tracks is the perfect album length - 5 songs on each side - so that's very exciting. Also, "Lights And Offerings" itself is not amongst the 10 tracks - I love when title tracks appear as b-sides so I'm a fan. These songs are in the line-up:

01 Fear Of Drowning
02 Look At Me
03 Into The Heart
04 Write Through The Night
05 Ways To An End
06 Hide And Seek
07 Somewhere Strange
08 Something On Your Mind
09 Searching In The Wilderness
10 Secrets

If you're crafty you already have 8 of the 10 tracks up there in some version or another so you know this has the potential to be an album of the year. Recordstore is offering signed copies with a free mixdisc but the band mentioned a fancy deluxe edition on their Facebook so I'd hold off on the pre-order for a bit. (There also HAS to be an LP release. There just has to.)

The video for "Into The Heart":

Fantastic. I'm so excited for this one I can hardly stand it.

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Please don't wet yourself over this will you????