can't beat free

Head over to The Whip's myspace page for links for two free remixes - a Hadouken! remix of 'Frustration' [I scratch your back you scratch mine apparently] and a Bloody Beetroots remix of 'Muzzle #1'. The latter's 'Trash' is amazing, so I look forward to this one.

When is 'Fire' going to get a single release? Seriously.


Joseph said...

Got 'em both, but these official MP3-only releases present me with issues. How do I file them in my library? Grrr.

jcf said...

I have them filed in a separate album called "Online Remixes". I'm mildly annoyed they're only available as mp3s, but I'm over it - they are free, after all.

But come on - 'Fire' needs to be a single and now.